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Our Supplier

Our exclusive supplier is Acai Amazonas, they hold many certifications and only produce products from their own farms. 

They plant, harvest, pack and ship their products from a single location, guaranteeing you fresh, quality produce, whilst reducing damages to the environment.​​

Acai Amazonas uses unique high-technology equipment, which consumes 4 times less electricity than other standard technologies used elsewhere, providing top-quality nutritional values. 


AcaEZI consumes 4x less energy to produce!

It's cost-effective production

guarantees high nutritional values
Certified KIWA and HACCP.

Guaranteed to be 100% Acai* 

Guaranteed to be Certified Organic*!

100% No additives or Carriers*.

Real taste, real colour, real benefits to your health, the real deal. 

* CarboBooster excluded.

Acai Amazonas products do not contain traces of milk, soy, tree nuts & peanuts because it DOES NOT share manufacturing equipment with any other product.