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About Us

Good day, Australia / New Zealand!

We are delighted to tell you that The Food Collective Website is officially open!

We are going the length of opening a business knowingly we will compete with many other Super Food Retailers and Distributors in this region, but, our mission is unique! Let us quickly explain why.

We were born in South America, a place where all these blessed tropical goodies come from, born there means, we know substantially well about these food benefits, we know the processes from planting to harvesting and shipping, we understand the bureaucracies, we speak their language, and we are here for a purpose and that is not only to make our living.

This journey of ours is to help change the “status quo” of products considered “superfoods”. For once, we understand that tackling affordability is the key to driving people to consume more of the so-called “superfood” thus, becoming healthier,  but it is not because these foods are considered “superfoods” that it needs to be “super expensive”, also, we will be transparent by sharing knowledge, helping you along the way so you can make informative decisions. Did you know that not all foods are processed the same way? Did you also know that this direct impact on the cost, freshness, and nutritional values of these foods? We will take you on this journey with the help of our suppliers.

So, to decrease prices, increase quality at the same time helping the planet, this is what we are doing:

  • We opt not to repack! Although this limits our ability to sell in different sizes and serve you better, the reason is that we are saving thousands of dollars in extra packaging that end up on landfill. Because we are not creating more rubbish, we are helping the planet.

  • We mainly sell using the same cartons received from the suppliers, again, reducing repackaging!

  • Our own AcaEZI brand in 100g retail pack does not have stunning-looking labels, this is a fact, but rest assured, the content is what matters and we prove 100% excellent quality in many ways.

  • Our supplier owns the entire production process, from planting to harvesting, packing, and shipping, these bring freshness, quality assurance, and excellent prices.

  • The technology used by our supplier is unique, always innovating, it reduces costs at the same time, brings high nutritional values directly to you.

  • This supplier has strong ties with their local communities, social projects are always happening.

  • Their farms are sustainable! Int’l certifications are achieved and always updated.

  • Our guarantee is simple, you will get our products much cheaper than comparable (top quality) products in Australia and New Zealand.
  • We will also contribute to social causes here in Australia and in New Zealand.

If you have any questions for our supplier, please click here and we will send to them directly.